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How to use FDH Virtual Clinic


Once you have signed up for Membership, you can set up your profile page. Your profile info helps me know what country and time zone you're in so I know which clinic group to put you in. This will be your Clinic meeting group for scheduled Video chats. *Please read descriptions so you can see what the video prerequisites are needed before trying a new exercise.

Once you have set up an account, you may upload short videos of your practice. You can choose to set up private personal Skype/Google Virtual Coaching sessions to review your practice. Please try to keep them no more than 10 minutes and as small a file as possible. Some videos may be offered as Pay Per View at set time schedules and then be moved to the Full Member area at which point they will be available for Member viewing.

Pay Per View:

Pay Per View Clinics and exercises will be available at certain times. This is a good option if you prefer not to sign up for a full membership and would like access to a specific clinic or exercises. You simply follow the prompts and pay indicated amount and you can watch the video.

*Canceling your account:

If you wish to cancel your membership, It is as simple as logging into your Paypal and selecting transaction details and clicking the cancel button. No further payments will be deducted.

*Disclaimer and Waiver

*By subscribing to this website, you agree to hold harmless Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship and waive any liability. You assume all risk and dangers of working around horses. You agree not to sue Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship for any reason. Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or otherwise while attempting this work. Be safe and use good judgement!